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A Sunday Affair |1|


To sum my week in one child word; poop. Yes, poop. It's been a combination of either feeling ill or very tired regardless of the amount of sleep I've been able to get. Now, I'm not sure if its the shock of being back at work after two weeks off, or if I've got some underlying lurgy going on. I'm hoping it's the first and I'm just being a bit of a drama queen and will get into the swing of thing again soon.

On a lighter ramble the week ended on a much better note than the rest of the week. I got up around midday trundled down stairs had a cuppa then Ian suggested a Sunday Lunch out someone where, Oh yesh. I was on that like a tramp on chips. So the hair went up in a top note and I slapped on the Origins VitaZing and of we went to our local Pub. It was nice to actually to able to sit out in the evening sun and enjoy a meal, it feels like so long ago since you were able to do that.
It's amazing how only a few hours can turn a back week on it's head.

So, I'm now going to go back to editing the photos from out best friends wedding last weekend,
as seen above!

To lighten my mood I've had Pitch Perfect on constant loop. It's my favorite movie of the moment, it's a perfect pick me up move. I love Anna Kendrick, come one, this tweet from her swayed me. It also introduced me to the wonders of Rebael Wilson; hilarious and Skylar Astin;Yum. The soundtrack to this has been in my car for a good few months and I just love singing my heart out to this on those horrible drives to work in the morning. Honestly, see this movie.

I'm sure most of you will have heard about the Steubenville Rape case and trial (if you have not, please read up on this. It makes for some uncomfortable reading, but it's worth it) The whole debacle surround this case made me mad as hell, and even now it makes me sick. Anyway, one of my favorite blogs, The F Word takes a look at how this case isn't the only one of it's kind, and is, sadly a growing phenomenon.

Since watching Lilys The Glow Factor video I've been adding dewy finish related product to my basket left, right and center. I've always been a bit of no frills skin kinda' girl, I like matte skin. The horror. But Lily always looks to healthy and wonderful on her blog and youtube channel. So I'm hoping by taking her advice I may to look healthy and wonderful! Two products that I've now got my eye on are; The Topshop highlighter in Glow and The Kevyn Aucoin Creamy Glow.

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