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March Favourites

I really don't want to start this post of by saying 'Can you really beleieve it April already?! March flew buy!' Oh, wait, I guess I just did. That maybe why I'm a little late on getting this up, I had no idea the month had ended. You'd think I would have got used to the passing of time by now.
Since January I've been trying to use up products in my hoard, as my Makeup Collection is getting out of hand.  When you have your entire spare room dedicated to Make-up while your boyfriend enquirers every now and then if there is any free draw space in 'My room'. So, long story short, I haven't been excited about any new product but I still manged to find some gems with 'shoppin' my stash'.

Alpha-H Absolute Eye Complex
I brought this after seeing Vivianna rave about it here. I had previously been using a Botanics Hydrating Eye Cream, but it just wasn't cutting it for me. I have quite a dry area and while using the Botanics eye cream there was no marked difference. However when using using this product I could tell the difference almost immediately. It feel wonderfully cooling/soothing when first applied and has been making a real impact on those dry patches.

Korres Pomegranate Tonic Lotion
Korres was always a brand I was interested in but never really got around to trying, apart from their lip butters, which I also love. Anyway, I picked this 'tonic' up when I was in TK Maxx for around the £7 mark, bargain. I was a little worried when I saw the dark purple liquid, but it doesn't show when I pour it onto a cotton pad. The reason I love this so much it partly the smell, it's delicious but it control my oily tea zone throughout the day perfectly. Removing the oil without drying out my skin and leaving it super soft. I will most definitely re-purchase this at full price in the future.

Orgins VitaZing
Remember when this was the big thing in the beauty world and everyone and their Mums were raging about it? Yeah me too, I brought and went through 3 of these, This was my forth. I used this religiously for around a year and a half. Then for some reason I just stopped using it, I don't remember why. The other day I found this in the back of my skin care draw and I was looking a little pale so smoothed this on. It reminded me immediately why I loved this and now for the life of me I can't understand why I stopped using this! I love the smell and it's the perfect base for my make-up. The slight coverage it gives me lets me use a lot less foundation and/or concealer. Shopping my stash is playing off.

Chanel Illusion D'Ombre in Emerveille
I'll use the words my friend used when she first got this 'it's like applying liquid gold on your eyelids!' She's right. This sat in the draw for months without being touched, 'It's just to pretty' I would squeal every time my boyfriend asked about it predestine condition. But one day on a whim I just stuck a brush in there. After the initial shock, I swept this across my lids and there a love affair started. It's perfect on its own, or as a base, or a highlight. It's just perrrrfect.

Clinique High Impact Mascara
The sample of this in Glamour did it's job, I used it, loved it, so went out a brought it. Normally with sample I either toss them out immediately or I use them up and never think of the product again. But this one was different, it was everything I'd be looking for in a mascara. It's the blackest black mascara I've ever used. And Building volume perfectly. It's been my good to mascara all this month.

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