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Top 5 - Blushes

This has been done upteen times before, but I always find they quite interesting and tend to discover new interesting products. I'm going to try and do a couple of top fives; eyeshadow, brushes, lipstick ect. A lot of people are big blush fans so I thought it would be best to start here!

Honestly, I'm not the biggest blush fan. A lot has to do with the fact I'm a bit hit a miss with my application. My cheek bones are pretty high, and I tend to struggled with blush placement. I some how end up looking like a dirty tramp. Not good. I have however managed to obtain a rather larger collection, most MAC with a few other brands thrown in for good measure.

1. Topshop - Neon Rose
I picked this up awhile ago, I think when Topshop first released their Make-up range. There was quite a lot of hype surrounding this blush so I thought why not. I must say when I first saw it and swatched it I thought there was no way I was going to wear it, it was so, Neon (duh). But when blended out it gives a really natural and life like hue to the cheek.  It's differently a staple in mt collection, it always goes with me.

2. MAC - Don't Be Shy
Well I'm sorry that this blush is looking in such a state, I managed to crack it while depotting and had to repress it. This blush is sadly well discontinued, it came out with the Barbie collection way back in 2007 (!!!). I picked this up in a sale some time last year and haven't stopped using it! I love everything about this blush, the pigmentation is amazing as is the color and consistency. It's a bright blue based pink, with a slight frost.

3. MAC - Pinch O' Peach
The name on this is a little deceiving, it leans towards the pink side rather the the peach. Saying that it's not the most unique color ever, but still, I love it. It's just so easy and simple to wear. I'll throw this on when I can't make my mind up and it will work with any eye and lip combo. It's pigmentation is perfect, not to make but enough that you know you've got it on. It gives my skin a gorgeous glow and color, and is perfect over Neon Rose by Topshop above.

4. MAC - Pretty Baby
While this is not technically a blush it's a beauty power, I use it as a blush (what else you would use it for, I'm unsure) so I'm including it, so ner. Another discontinued product, sorry! This came out with the much talked about Hello Kitty Collection in 2009. Again I snatched this up in a sale, mostly for the packaging. I will one day when I get round to it put my face power in here to keep in my purse, as it's duper cute. Anyway, the actual product. It's very light and sheer baby pink with a tiny sheen. I use this on nights out or when I've got a bright pink lip as it gives a subtle glow and it actually last a really long time on the skin.  

5. MAC - Florida
You do not need to adjust your computer screens, the blush really is this bright. A bright pink/fuchsia it may not seem like everyones delious cuppa tea. However once blended into the skin it gives a youthful flush. It's super pigmented so a little goes a long way, so this will last forever.

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