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Sunday Round-Up

1. Painting my nails. Essies - Nice is Nice | 2. Spending some time with the boy | 3. Ikea shopping | 4. Ikea. New living room furniture | 5. Ikea | 6. Ikea. New Kitchen cabinet | 7. New bag | 8. Crappy Internet | 9. Delicious home made food | 10. Delicious restaurant food | 9. Revision | 10. New goodies in the post.
This week hasn't been my best. I've had and illness creeping up on me for about a week, and I was hoping it would hold off until after my exams. But no, its decided to raise it's ugly little head two days before my exams. Oh well, I was gonna fail anyhow. Blogging is most likely going to be very sporadic next week. I'm going to be studying and taking exams, in fact I should be studying now, but I'm not. I was hoping to put some make-up looks up but I haven't really been wearing much make-up, and I doubt I will be next week. I've been spending like some fend this week, see 3,4,5,7, and 9. Me and the boy have been able to spend entire days together before his jobs starts in October, which has been wonderful.

I really hope everyone's week has been better than mine! 


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In the Red.

As promised here is the second half my bank torturing haul. These bit's and bobs are all from the Semi Precious collections. I wish I had picked some of the eye shadows up now, namely Smoked Ruby. But I'll just wait for them to pop up in some sales, mucho cheaper that way.

This collection came out with four new Mineralized Skin finishes. Now, these are one of those products that I think I love, and buy ALOT of. But then I never use them, I'm not even sure why. I think they sometimes are too shimmer/glitterly for my likeing and make my pore look like the could house a small family. Anyway, all the MSF are called Semi Precious something. The one I picked out, having seen watches online, it seemed to be the only one that wasn'y packed with glitter and blindly light. It's called Semi Precious Rose Quatrz, and I sorta like it. As you can see from the swatches below the outta ring is loverly, however mixed with the inner light glitter it just becomes far too much. I'm gonna try a play with it a little more and see what I can do.
Secondly I picked up the Glem of Roses lipstick. I picked this up on recommendation of Temptailia. It's not really like anything I own, and is very pretty. It's much more pink than it appears in the swatches below. I wear it with a light pink gloss atop. It's been one of my lip looks recently. If you get the chance, pick on up.
Lipstick - Glem of Roses | MSF Rose Quartz - Outside - Inner | Above Rose Quartz Mixed
Now, I had no reason to pick these up what so ever. I have enough brushes to last me a life time, even if half of them fell apart.  But I'm just drawn to make-up brushes, they make such a difference to the applications. Some people will say they don't I however think they do. These brushes are totally different to anything I own, they are Split Fiber. Meaning one half is natural hair (the solid black) and the other half is synthetic (lighter half). I haven't atucally used these yet, so I can't really comment. But if you would like a review at some point give us a shout. 

And now, just because it looks stunning when photographed some make-up porn starring Semi Precious Rose Quatrz. 

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My bank balance likes me less.

A few bit's of make-up i've picked up recently, when I say few I'm being kind to my self. I went a littlover board on MAC.
Most of what I picked out is from the MAC Semi Precisous collection and a few from the Fashion Flower collection. And lastly there are three things from blog sales.

MAC Lark About Pigment | Bobbie Brown Gel Liner
These are the two bits I picked up from a blog sale, I can't remember which one. However it was most likely from mac_cosmetics. I'm always after pigments for collection purposes and I've seen this color used recently and it's very pretty. I just swep this all over the lid and go for a thick black flick eyeliner look. As you can see from the swatch below it a light pearlecent blue/sliver. Next is the Bobbie Brown Eyeliner that I've seen everyone using. I tried MAC's fluidline before and really did not like it, I just could not get the hang of it, I was a liquid only girl. However for some reason I picked the Maybelline gel liner up the other a few weeks back and have been loving it. I picked the above up as everyone raves about it, and it was dirt cheap.

I love Sleek. The beauty community is awash with this brand -with it seems- nothing but good things to say. I can only add to this positive feedback. It has a perfect mix of colors. I really love Celebrate (dark simmery purple) and Boxed (matte mid toned brown). I got mine from Superdrug for £6.49.
First bits from my slightly naughty MAC purchases. Both are from the Fashion Flower collection that came out a few weeks ago.The Ever Hip lipstick that I missed out on the first go around, last summer some time? And Bows & Curtseys eyeshadow. Which I love! It's a deep blackened green, so is more interesting than just a black.

I'll post the second half a little later one, there was far too much text and images one page. I nearly had a seizure. Also, sorry there was a lack of Following Friday yesterday. I have a very busy day, and I'm still feeling rather crap. So I'm going to move this feature to every other Friday and add something else in it's place.
I've got the 100 followers give away sorted, I know what I'm giving you guys! 28 more people to go!

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Jealousy Wakes

Good Lord, how fat and ugly does my hand/wrist look in this?! Eugh, please ignore.

If you're as much of as make-up junkie like me you will have undoubtedly have heard  of the Beauty Blogger collection released exclusively in America.It was created by the very lovely and knowledgeable Christine from Temptalia. There is a post you can find here all about who she, and a number of other bloggers created their products.
Luckily I was able to asked one of my American makeup junkie friend to pick this up for me, If you don't have one of these, get one, now! It is such a pretty color in the pan and on the skin. It's very pigmented, however I don't think it's quite as pigmented as a normal Veluxe Pearl, and maybe a little more chalky. It's a deep teal/green with a hint emerald and sliver shimmer, and a gold glitter. When blended out the shimmer and sparkle fade's slightly and you are left with a certain blue green color.
While I don't own many greens, I do not think they suite my skin tone at all, I think it makes it look like I have terrible skin! But I'm pleased I own this. I wear a natural eye and smudge this along the botton lashline for a perfect pop of color.
I would suggest If you can find this (for a reasonable price that is!) pick it up!

On another note, sadly I'am feeling no better. Sad face. Which has put me in a wonderful mood as I also have to work and write essays, and I should most probably clean the house! However seeing that I now have 69 followers and put me in a slight better mood! 69 people (kinda) care what I have to say and show, well shocking! I'm planning on a giveaway when I hit 100 followers. I most likely involve MAC lipsticks and eyeshadow! 

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"Jealousy Wakes" was Posted On: Thursday, 18 August 2011 @06:12 | 7 lovely comments
What I want in my waldrobe Wednesday

Exposed Seam Skirted Coat | Side Tuck Chiffon Blouse | Embossed Letter Joggers | Spot Peterpan Colllar Blouse | Psychobilly Spot Snood | Studd Suede Peep Toe Platforms | Victor Patent Tassel Slippers
ASOS CLEO Leather Plain Long Leg Pull on Boots-Black | ASOS CLEO Leather Plain Long Leg Pull on Boots- Tan | ASOS Drop Earrings Coin and Shield | ASOS Statement Set Stone and Chain Drop Earrings | ASOS Necklace Extra Long with Cloud Charm | ASOS Coat With Fold Over Collar

Purple Polka Dot Crossbody Bag | Navy Colour Block Shift Dress | Grey Slouch Pocket Cardigan | Cream Sleeveless Pussybow Blouse
Pleated 70's Dress | Floaty Bow Front Tunic | Hyacinth Tea Dress
Plaited Shopper Tote | Punk Studded Wedge Heels | Studded Ballerina Flats | Peep Toe Studded Wedge Boots | I Heart Metal Loose Jumper | Black Evening Diamante Wedge Shoe Boot | Designer Inspired Heart Shaped Handbag  | Black Studded Wedge Shoe Boot | Celebrity Style Floral Lace Back Burn Out Flare topDesigner Skull Ring Knuckle Box Clutch | Orb Designer Inspired Black Snake Handbag | High Heel Stiletto Plarfrom Shoes
Sorry I haven't written much, I feel bloody awful! Luckly I put most of this together lastnight. Sadly I've now got to get back to my essays. Wish me luck!

Have you picked any of this up, or are you planning to?

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"What I want in my waldrobe Wednesday" was Posted On: Wednesday, 17 August 2011 @08:51 | 2 lovely comments
Monday Make-up

Garnier BB Cream | Stila One Step Correct | Revlon CustomEyes | Nails Inc 3D Glitter  Polish | Benefit They're Real Mascara | Benefit Cha Cha Tint | Benefit Hooked on Carmella | Lancome Doll Eyes Mascara
Garnier BB Cream - The new thing in the beauty insudtry is defo BB Creams (Blemish Balms). I've been putting off pick one up as I simply haven't been able to really get my hands on any. However with the hitting Boots it's just so simple to pop in a pick one up.

Stila One Step Correct - Just look how pretty this product is! Gah I just want this sitting on my dressing table. Stila is backing in the UK, at last. I'm always lusting after their products on US bloggers posts, but haven't been able to try any out. But now I can. However I never remember Stila being this expensive before, am I the only one? Or do I have some kind of misty eyed view?

Revlon CustomEyes - Revlon is most defferntly my most loved of the cheaper brands, although it's the more expensive of the cheaper brands. Anyway, these Customeyes are a new type of shadow compact, they also come with a liner. While the colour releases are a little limted at the moment (a gold/bronze, Purple and blue. Who hasn't seen those before?!) I still want to try these out. I'm also looking for good quality compacts to bung in my bag for touch ups on the move.

Nails Inc 3D polish - One of my many, many beauty weaknesses is Nail polish. You will see when I gather the courage to post my sicken nail polish collection. And with the partying season coming up glitter is always, always a good thing!

Benefit They're So Real Mascara - This has been everywhere, and I'm a sucka for promotion. So I really want to give this a go. I'm running low on mascara at the moment, and this is just an excuse to pick more up.

Benefit Cha Cha Tint - Shockingly I'd never tried any of Benefit's tints until they came out with Company magazine a few weeks ago. While I'm not a big fan of the original Bentint I really love the other two, HighBeam and Poise Tint. Cha Cha is the latest edition to their collection and it's very me. So I'm hoping to be smearing this on my face in the near future.

Benefit So Hooked on Carmella - I had a sniff of this while my friend had her brows waxed at the Benefit brow bar. It was so light a so refreshingly sweet! I know Barbs from ThePersianbabe loves this perfume, and she is my life so I feel I owe it to her. Although I've never owned a Benefit perfume before, have any of you guys? What's they like huh?

Lancome Doll Eyes Mascara - Fun fact I typed LOL instead of Doll first, no idea why. Anyway this has the same reasoning as the Benefit mascara, it's everywhere and it seems to be getting very good reviews!

So what beauty bits and bobs are you lusting after this pick? Have you picked any of the above up, care to tell me if they are crap or not?

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Style Crush: Vanessa Hudgens

I'd like to apologizes for not posting a lot over the past couple of days. A long weekend was taking with the girls in Cardiff and I've only just returned home. Hope your weekend was also filled with Wine, laughter, junk food and PJs!

While I have this as a note on the side of my page I want to make it a post 'thing' as well. I don't get to describe why I love particular style. And Ill only become annoyed when there are thirty pictures clogging up my side notes making me all uncomfortable.

Vanessa Hudgens . . . How do I begin to explain Vanessa Hudgens ?

I love Vanessa, I really do. Since seeing her in High School Musical I've developed a girl crush of epic proptions. She may be my longest running crush, 5 years is it now? I'd give any of my appendages for her style and looks. 

If by some kind of incredible circumstance you do not know who Vanessa is I'll give you a quick run down. She's American and is described as and Actress and Singer (although I wish to add 'fashionesta' to the list). I must make a confession and say I have brought clothes and accessories to match something I have seen her in, or created an outfit around an outfit. Everything I see her in seems so efortless, she is somehow capable of making sweat pants and winged hats look good. 

Now, so people will have nothing but rude and bad things to say about Vanessa. They are wrong, I've spent a sad amount of time arguing with people and her. Naked photos. Shock and horror!

I loved seeing in Sucker Punch, growing from dancing in frilly dresses to something altogether more grown up and sexy. This evolution has also spread into her style, it's matured recently. There is very little that she wear that I would not approach. Overall take from this that Vanessa is perfect and I love her. 

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What I want in my waldrobe Wednesday

Cross Drop Earrings | ABLAZE Super High Wedge | Kitson Heart & Charm Bracelet 
Crosses make up a large section of my jewellery stash, as they do with a lot of people recently. They seem timeless. I've no idea why I love them so much, they just seem to work with anything I wear them with. I do however draw the line at wearing rosaries. Just no. When I wear my hair up, which is not very offten I like to wear big earrings to offset my giant face/head. The length of these is really fun, owning nothing like these I know really want them. Don't laugh, I kinda did the first time I saw these and I think that's why I want them. They are just so ridiculous, way to high. I also think my great-gran had curtains with the same pattern. Watching TheCurretBobbies is not good for my health. Having seen Lorein wearing the Chan Luu wrap bracelets I've been lusting after one. Sadly I can't warrant spending that much money on a mainly fabric bracelet, so I'll settle for this look-a-like. Eurgh settle for, how first world of me!

New Look
Parisian Belted Lace Dress | 3 Colour Block Shift Dress | Floral Cowl Belted Tunic | Sparkle Belted Tunic | Aztec Teardrop Earrings
New Look will always hold a place in my heart, I don't think I've ever been in and not bought something! It's my go to shop if I need a particular outfit. Anyway, enough praise. First, these types of dress have always been around and I've just never been that interested. Wearing cardigans almost constantly, come rain or shine means long sleeved dresses pose a problem. This may be the first sleeveless dress in this style I've seen. Color isn't my 'thang. However I really like the color blocking 'trend', and I think the second dress will work without me looking like pixie sticks. I've always been a floral fan, dress, shoes, bags, anything. And this was just another dress that caught my eye. I loved this dress the moment I saw it, it reminds of 90's school discos. No idea why. I most likely layer this with some kind of sheer shirt or long jacket.

River Island
Brown Print Chain Slipper Shoes | Light Brown Faux Fur Coat | Black Agate Stone Ring | Black Overszied Feather Bag
Grey Drape Front Blouse | Pleated Neck Dress | Grey Floral Print Snood
I was disappointed with how little I wanted from Topshop, normally I find around 10 things I believe I need. But alas, better for my bank balance. The blouse is the most amazing colours, that slight dirty purple grey. Well I hope it is actually that colour compared to just a plain grey. The shape of it is really intresting and unusal, it'd probaby layer is with the Sparkley Tunic from New Look above. Wine colours are everywhere for Autum/Winter and this is one of my favourite dress so far. I'm always a fan of layer sheer materials, to be honest I just low layers! The tan belt really pulls the whole thing together. Pastal colours are a staple in my waldrobe, but I don't actually have many iteams of clothing in this color range. I feel they make me look larger. However I own many shoes, bags and scarvles in a range of pastals. So this snood would fit in perfectly!

What are you lusting after this Wednesday, or this week for that matter?

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Sunday Round-Up

Well Hello 50 followers! Where did you all come from, are you finding your stay pleasurable? I do hope so. Please address all complaints to management.

This week has been busy! Unpacking may now have become my least favorite activity ever. TBH if I had packed better in the first place I may have made my life a tad easier for myself. However in the course of this I have found I love decorating my little house. Granted I have to work around the existing carpets, colors and rooms but we have still been able to put our own little stamp on the place.

My boyfriend had to hold me back as I raced around Ikea popping everything I saw into the trolly (read giant yellow bags). When I get into Ikea I tend to believe I've won the lottery and have an unlimited budget, which sadly I don't! I still no where near done on my quest to make everything perfect. You shall come along on the journey with me.

Do you love Ikea as much as me? Or even more so? Impossible.

Another of my loves in life in ebay. This week I've picked out a few things.

1. I've been lemming after some more Inglot eyeshadows since I received some in a swap a few weeks ago. As I live no where near the UK store and you cannot order from their website it's rather hard to snap them up. However someone from Mac_cosmetics pointed me in the direct of a seller on ebay based in Poland. I cannot remember the exact math but I knew it works out cheaper to buy them through this seller. Can be found here.
2 & 4. Honestly I still cannot believe I don't own this polish somewhere in my epic nail polish collection. Orly rage is the most perfect rose gold color and it everywhere! I picked it up from this seller. This is also where I where also chose Essie Nice is Nice. From swatches this seems like the most perfect lilac. Expect a NOTD featuring this soon.
3. Lily featured these on her blog yesterday I think. Her lashes always look so perfect, so for 99p I didn't think I could really go wrong with these.
5. When the Artsy Ring by YSL everyone wanted one, some still do (Hint: Me). I just can't justify spend over £ 100 on it. But it's over the top, tacky and everything I look for in a ring. There are a number of different knock of floating around ebay, but I picked mine from this seller. 
6. These beauts are clearly a knock of the Zoe Black Boots by Sam Edelman. But I just don't care. I feel I own enough designer goods to warrant not always buying the real deal. And at £26 who can say no?! Grab them here.

Any one else have a fun week of unpacking, or shopping?

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Following Friday

I've moved! Yes, no one died, we did it all in two days. There have been posts as there has been no internet. Do you realize how much you rely on the internet - a huge amount.
Anyway, here is another Following Friday.

LLYMLRS - Blog | Other Blog

You will mostly likley have all heard of this blog, well you bloody well should have! She is as cute as a button. Her fashion sense is bang on for my taste, her outfits tend to be simple but work well and look on point. When reading her blog I feel I'm sat down having a actual conversation with one of my friends over a Starbucks (stalker alert!). Either of her blogs will offer you something, do subscribe.

Pixi2woo - Youtube | Blog

Really? Do I actually need to explain anything here? No, good. Well go on. One word; Perfect.

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