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Skincare Lust

1. Caudalie Beauty Elixir £11 | 2. Cane & Austin Retexturizing Pads £24 | 3. Nude Progenius £58 | 4. Origins High Potenct Night-a-Mins £33 | 5. Dr Jart+ Most Moist Water-Up Serum £20 | 6. Philosophy Microdelivery Peel £59

For the most part during my beauty obsessed life I only cared about make-up. However since delving slightly deeper than the Miss Sporty display in Superdrug I've gained a love for the plethora of serum, masks and treatments that now fill my draws. Dispitue my overflowing draws I'm always looking for more to add. Here are a few I'd love to add to my hoard.

I doubt this product needs any background, but up first is Caudalies Beauty Elixir. I'll put this in my shopping basket and then take it out again, I've yet to commit to the purchase. Something always nigels at the back of my mind saying it's just hyped up water in a nice glass bottle. Yet, alas, here it is on my wish list.

Number two is a tried as tested want. I got a sample of these, Retexturzing Pads from Space.NK a week or so ago, and really liked them! The lady on the counter said these had the highest level of Glycolic acid (10%) in a skincare product. Now, I don't know if this is true, but it certainly sold me on the product. Since using Alpha H Liquid Gold and the Glycolic Mask from REN I'm kinda addicted to Glycolic acid. The acid has improved the feel and look of my skin significantly. And these little pads made a startling difference simply overnight. They aren't bank breaking at £25 for 24 pads, so next time I accidentally stumble into Space.NK I'll be grabbing a tube of these.

I'm putting the blame for this lust solely on Kate. She has raved about this so often its snuck it's way into my subconscious. I don't currently has a night time serum and with my skin being alright' at the moment I wasn't sure I need one, but I do, I really do. At £58 though I'm going to see if I can snag a sample next time I'm in Space.NK. I don't want to fork out £58 for something that doesn't work for me. So this me lusting for a sample of the Nude Progenius.

This is another hyped up product, Origins Night-a-Mins- heard of it?! And I've been after it for awhile. I made an order on Origins and honestly just forgot to put this in my basket. And sadly the Origins counter near me have been out for the week. And now I really want it! I've been nighttime miosterierless(?!) for a few months now, I ran out of my previous L'Oreal one. It was nothing special and I just didn't bother to buy another one. Now I'm thinking it's about time to bring a new one into my life as my skin has been a little dryer in the morning

I've heard a lot about the Dr Jart+ Water Sleeping Mask, all good, but I have the Origins Drink Up Mask which I'm more than happy with. However when I was browsing the Boots site I found the new Most Moist Water-Up Serum. It works on the same principle as the Sleep Mask but in a intense serum. Now, with me being a bit of a sucker for a good old serum I've been religiously check my local Boots for this, but alas nothing yet. I'll be nipping into town on a un-beauty related note tomorrow, but I may have to take a slight detour.

There's something intriguing about a product that I don't quite understand, with a long winded name.  Philosophy is a brand I've always been interested in, but the price for a shower gel has always put me of slightly. One of my holy grails is The Present Clear Primer so I'm interested in trying some more of their skin care range. I've heard a lot about this In-Home Peel Kit from quite a few US bloggers, less about it over here. I doubt I'll ever buy this, but it's always something I go back to lusting after.

Are there any skin care products you've you after? Any new release I should check out?

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