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Sunday Affair |3|

The sun it out, it's a bank holiday weekend and I'm cleaning. It's the first Sunday of the month of May, so it's time for a spring clean. Swooping the winter and summer wardrobe over, chucking things I never wore last year-and am most definitely not going to wear this year. It's not great fun during, but the results are so cleansing!

Tomorrow looks to be much more exciting. It's the first bank holiday in what feels like forever that the boy and I both have off. We've planned to go for a country walk around our area, we've lived here for 9 months and haven't really ventured further than the end of our road. We have heard of a rumored pub hidden in the woods near by that we plan to find and sample. Here's hoping the sunshine continues!

This week was mostly filled with working, washing and food shopping. None of this is exactly to excite to photograph, so no instagram post this time. We did go for a Wagama's on Tuesday and saw Iron Man 3. Which was bloody amazing, go see it now! Hopfully I'll have something much more exciting to report next weeek, I've also got a bundle of post lined up, so stay turned.

How has your week been, anything planned for bank holiday weekend?

Anna's Skincare videos have been a favorite of mine, hoping if I use everything she does I may, in say way achieve her perfect complication. Her newest offering, Skin Care Bolt-Ons has been compiling a long shopping list and dusting of some untried products.

I haven't been able to put down this months Elle magazine. Sometime I buy it a flick through, a couple of articles take my interest but mostly it's a bit blaah. But this month I've read it cover to cover. Also it came with a sample size of Benefits They're Real Mascara. Worth picking up. 

After they've been splashed over most blogs, I can't help just have fallen for the Bourjois Little Round Post Cream Blushers. I've only a few cream blushers but love the few I have. The swatches I've seen show up a really lovely, wearable colours. Right up my street. I'll be waiting at the doors of Boots when the these launch on the 15th. 


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Fashion Lustin' | 1 |

1.H&M Bag - £24.99 | 2.Zara Earrinsg - £9.99  | 3.H&M 3 Stacked Ring - £5.99 | 4.New Look Coral Tribal Tank - £26.99  | 5.Topshop Silk Floral Tee - £70   | 6.Next Leopard Slippers - £40

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