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Miu Miu give it to me.

While I sit here trying to stop crying over the poor woman and her cat on Jeremy Kyle I wish to grace you with the Fall/Winter campaign from Miu Miu. It features the wonderfully talented and stunning Hailee Steinfiled, I still cannot believe she is only 14! The campaign is a mixture of sophisticated feminine silhouettes, strong Autumn colors, whimsical prints and patterns.

I'm not sure if I'm more in love with the teams or Hailee. Seriously eyebrow and hair envy ensues. The over sized matelasse clutch is to die for. Miu Miu, along side Chanel is my most lusted after brand. I'm lucky to own two Miu Miu and if by some divine intervention I hope to own one more.

What of this collection are you lemming after, if any?

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Following Friday

Just a little something I plan on posting each Friday (wonder how long this will last!). I going to post 2-3 people I following. These will be a mix of blogger a youtube personalities. Not necessary always going to be beauty/fashion related, a eclectic mix. Hopefully it may introduce you to people you didn't know about, if not just sharing the love!

Vivianna Does Makeup - Youtube | Blog

Basically if you haven't heard of Vivianna you are lacking. I think she may have been one of the first girls I started following on blogger, and has remained a firm favorite throughout my time here. I've never skipped one of her posts, they are always very well written and interesting. Also she has perfect hair, I hear it's insured for $10,00 and she does car commercials in Japan

Mac_Cosmetics - Livejournal

I debated sharing this one with you guys, it's like my secret little part of the internet. They girls there are incredibly knowledgeable on anything MAC and most beauty products. They can sometime be hilarious and catty all at once, it glorious. This is always were I pick up most of my bargain make-up, there are around 5/6 sales posted each day. I would recommend just following it even if you don't post. That is if LJ gets it act together.

NikkieTutorials - Youtube | Blog

Honestly she is 16 and has so much skill, is worrying. She could conquer the world (of makeup). She is ridiculously pretty. Her sense of humor is bang on, I often wet myself watching her videos. Mostly she is creative and original. I dream of meeting her, but she is stupendously tall, and I'm a little person. So alas it shall never happen. Need I say more, just follow her.

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Little house in Bath

I'am currently sat on my living room floor using a shreader box a a tabel, for I'am moving.  Me and the boy are packing up or belongins haphazadly and with a limited amount of packing materials. Hence the sporadic posting. We are staying in the same city but moving out of or little one bed top floor flat into a two bedroom house!

This little flat of ours has served us well for the past year but we need space. Also the old mad below us smells like crap, literally crap. He had two small yappie dogs and no gardens. So you can imagaine.

We wanted much more space, a garden and the option to get a dog, which this new house offers. It's a blank canvas and the landlord is allowing us to make some considerable changes. So over the past few days I've been lemming over photos of beautifully decorated house and rooms. Below are some of the ones I love in particular. Sadly as we do not have endless amounts of money much of this is unachievable. Hopefully Ikea will offer something of a likeness.

I will update will photos on Saturday when we move in and most likely several hundred photos from Ikea, as I love Ikea.

Perfect. I'm working on displaying my jewelry in a much more pleasing manner then tangled in a clear plastic box stored under my dressing table.

This may be my favourite of all the images, I'm aware this is most probably unachievable but it's so cute. I hoping to set something like this up in the spare room.

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UK Blogger Stalking

Just a quick post encouraging you all to nip on over to ceruselle.org and add yourself to the UK Bloggers Map.


Don't have to if you don't want to, just something fun to do. I will help for bloggers meet up in the future.


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What I want in my waldrobe Wednesday

Multi Zip Horse Clutch - ASOS

MIKEY Leopard Print Slipper Shoes - ASOS

Toms Canvas Classic Espadrilles - ASOS
ADORE Sude Black Ankle Boots - Topshop

Elephant Stude Earrings || Cross Drop Earrings || Branch Drop Earrings - Topshop 1 2 3

Cream Floral Print Kimono Cover Up - Topshop

Camel Turnback Placket Grandad Shirt - Topshop

Chocolate Animal Print Cord Collar Quilted Jacket - Topshop

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These were made for walking

Boots - Primark || Brouges - New Look
I tend to find a pair of shoes and not stop wearing them till I can no longer wear them. In fact I'll wear them past that point, a particular pair of black Evans boots come to mind. That is another story.

These two pairs above are in fact related, in the way shoes can be. I wore the New Look Brouges shopping in Bristol. On the way to Primark they began to rub like a bitch, it was the first time I'd worn them without tights. So I limped and hobbeled around Primark, and came across these Boots. I'd seen them in my local store, but they didn't have them in my size, so bugrudingly I left them on the shelf. So I was stoked when I spotted these sitting on a rack with a classy 'Only £3' sign sitting atop. I ran (limped) on over a grabbed these up. They were not my only purchase, but they were my life savers that day. I stopped in Starbucks on the way back to my car, order my large skinny Latte with a shot of hazlenut. I gingerly removed the Brouges and slipped the boots on, and it was heaven! And these two have been my staple go to shoes since.

I rock the boots when I want to toughen an outfit up and the brouges with, well, everything.

Am I the only one who does this? The only wearing certain shoes for a long time, or telling stories about them?

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OPI - Lucky Lavender || China Glaze - Liquid Leather
My life is often made up of things I should be doing, and the things I'm doing to avoid said things. The latter resulted in the above. I'm supposed to be working on my University essay, however Tumblr called, and I came across the Illamasqua promo for their valentines day collection, Throb was it? And this was my take on the claw/nails they advertised.

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I'm starting a fresh. I realized my blog wasn't really me, I was trying to be like every other blog.
So I've deleted everything, including the layout and have started from scratch!

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