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Following Friday

Just a little something I plan on posting each Friday (wonder how long this will last!). I going to post 2-3 people I following. These will be a mix of blogger a youtube personalities. Not necessary always going to be beauty/fashion related, a eclectic mix. Hopefully it may introduce you to people you didn't know about, if not just sharing the love!

Vivianna Does Makeup - Youtube | Blog

Basically if you haven't heard of Vivianna you are lacking. I think she may have been one of the first girls I started following on blogger, and has remained a firm favorite throughout my time here. I've never skipped one of her posts, they are always very well written and interesting. Also she has perfect hair, I hear it's insured for $10,00 and she does car commercials in Japan

Mac_Cosmetics - Livejournal

I debated sharing this one with you guys, it's like my secret little part of the internet. They girls there are incredibly knowledgeable on anything MAC and most beauty products. They can sometime be hilarious and catty all at once, it glorious. This is always were I pick up most of my bargain make-up, there are around 5/6 sales posted each day. I would recommend just following it even if you don't post. That is if LJ gets it act together.

NikkieTutorials - Youtube | Blog

Honestly she is 16 and has so much skill, is worrying. She could conquer the world (of makeup). She is ridiculously pretty. Her sense of humor is bang on, I often wet myself watching her videos. Mostly she is creative and original. I dream of meeting her, but she is stupendously tall, and I'm a little person. So alas it shall never happen. Need I say more, just follow her.

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