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Shoping The Stash |1|

The phrase that sends my purse on a spa break is being tossed about again. I mentioned in my March Favourites that I was starting to shop my stash, and had found a few oldies but goodies making their way back into my everyday rotation. Here's what I found, just to give you a push in the money saving direction! Here are a few products that I've rekindled my love affair with.

Phyto Phytonectar Treatment Oil
This was a unwanted purchase that my mother kindly passed onto me. She brought them on a cruise on a whim about a year ago. At that point I'd never really heard about the Phyto brand, I vowed to do some research, but forgot so I stuck with what I knew and never used this.  Phyto then started popping up on quite a few blogs, so thought I might as well give it a whirl and I was pleasantly surprised. I put this in my hair either before bed and leave it in all night for a really deep treatment, or slick some in before I go for a run or exercise, giving it a while to soak in. I've found this has made a huge difference to my dry split ends. I know nothing can get ride of split ends, apart from cutting them off, but this has certainly made them a lot less visible, leaving my hair looking shiny and smooth.

MAC Marine Life Blush
Everyone in the beauty 'community' (I cringe whenever I read or type that sentence) went through that phase when you had to by everything MAC related in existence. Waiting up and refreshing the MAC website waiting for the new collection to come out, being the first to own that purple lipstick that you know you're never going to really wear, but everyone said it was a must own! Yeah, this was one of those purchases. It was the hyped product of MAC's To The Beach Collection. However, after you look at how much you've spent on MAC products in a year, over £400. Shocking, I know, you then go into absolute shock and treat those limited edition products like gold dust. I was so scared of using this product as I knew I wouldn't be able to get my hands on another one, so I just stopped using it. In no way am I saying this is sane thinking but it's how my min works something. After going through my stash I realised I needed to grow up and get over this hoarding, so out it came again to grace my cheeks. Marine Life really is pretty. It's now my go to summer blush, a bright candy redish pink, while also being slightly coral. It's fun and a little in your face. This many not look like everyone's cup of tea in the pan, but it blends into a really wearable flush. There are dupes out there of this, I not saying pay through the nose for this on ebay, but if you've got this sitting in you hoard please pull it out.

Lush BubbleGum Lip Scrub
Bought It, used it twice, didn't see the point, chucked it in the back of my bathroom. Remember when these little guys came out and everyone brought and loved 'em? Yeah, I brought into the hype. When I got it home I just wasn't that impressed with it. I'm not sure what I was about it, maybe it didn't live up the hype surround it? While reorganizing my bathroom I came across this and though 'meh, give it a go' And so I did. Whihtout that hype around this I wasn't expecting mircales or anything so maybe that why I enjoy using it, now. It's bright pink and smells exactly like bubblegum, which is a sickly plus. I found my lips a little dry recently, and with it coming to summer it's time to pull those

MAC Woodwink Eyeshadow
Sitting in my 'Neutrals' palette this shadow tends to get over looked, I don't know, something about the colour in the pan  just didn't really appeal to me. It just looked a bit blah, and I tended to pick Mulch by MAC of this. However I saw Alix using this in her older makeup tutorial and it looked really lovely on her, so I gave it a go. I can't stay it's anything magic, and undupeable, but it is very pigmented. It blends from a golden brown into a soft slight warm brown. It blend incredibly easily while staying pigmented. I've read that I does wonders for brown eyes, but I have light blue eyes and I found it really made them pop! I've been using this either in the crease with a matte cream on the lid or an all over lid colour blended out on its own.

MAC By Candlelight  Mineralize Skin Finish 
This was another product that I brought during the 'MAC attack' phase. I used this a lot when I first got it like crazy. But then I hit a really back skin patch and I felt like this just emphasized every little flaw on my skin, so it got stuffed in the back of my draw. I accumulated a fair few other highlighter between now and then, so never really picked this back up again. I feel like I've been missing out. Leaving the perfect highlight on the top of the cheek bones and bridge of the nose this has fast become one of my most used products. I use this on my face most day and I found it works wonderfully on collar bones and all down the arms when I brushed this on for a wedding look. It's got chunks of glitter that really catch the light, but these wear down after awhile. But you are then left with the finely milled shimmer that just look amazing. This dose lean slightly on the darker side, so very fair skinned people would probably get away with using this as a blush. If you have this sitting in your collection dig it out, you wont be disappointed.

Sleek Powder Peach Perfection Pout Polish
I pulled this out from within my collection of a million and one lip balms and it has made it's way into my everyday routine. I find it incredibly moisturizing, staying on my lips for a few hours without that horrible stickiness. This works either on it's own, or what I've doing is applying this over a bright lipstick for a more toned down daytime look, I'm not quite readying for Candy Yum Yum and Show Orchid just yet!

If your makeup bag is feeling a little lack luster, delve into your stash and pull out some oldies but goodies. 

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