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Sunday Round-Up

1. Painting my nails. Essies - Nice is Nice | 2. Spending some time with the boy | 3. Ikea shopping | 4. Ikea. New living room furniture | 5. Ikea | 6. Ikea. New Kitchen cabinet | 7. New bag | 8. Crappy Internet | 9. Delicious home made food | 10. Delicious restaurant food | 9. Revision | 10. New goodies in the post.
This week hasn't been my best. I've had and illness creeping up on me for about a week, and I was hoping it would hold off until after my exams. But no, its decided to raise it's ugly little head two days before my exams. Oh well, I was gonna fail anyhow. Blogging is most likely going to be very sporadic next week. I'm going to be studying and taking exams, in fact I should be studying now, but I'm not. I was hoping to put some make-up looks up but I haven't really been wearing much make-up, and I doubt I will be next week. I've been spending like some fend this week, see 3,4,5,7, and 9. Me and the boy have been able to spend entire days together before his jobs starts in October, which has been wonderful.

I really hope everyone's week has been better than mine! 


"Sunday Round-Up" was Posted On: Sunday, 21 August 2011 @11:29 | 6 lovely comments

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