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A Sunday Affair |2|

@jadedclouds Trying out some new Sinful Color polish, post coming up | Nipping home to see the parents on a lovely day | The lady of the house taking out a sofa napping | the main lady of mine making her self comfy | early morning ritual | A day at Twickenham watching my boyfriends brother pay in the Army vs Navy game (we won!)

It's just been one of those weeks! I feel as though I just haven't stopped, backwards and forward over the country.

I worked for the first half or the week leaving me with nothing exciting to report. However with it being pay day on Friday I did a tiny winy bit of shopping (read: lots) and picked up a few things I've been lustin' after recently. Including a couple of bits from REN and over due vist to MAC. I'll post a haul sometime next week.

The weekend had me and Ian driving back home. We stopped into my parents on Friday night before heading over to Ian's for an early night and early morning. On Saturday we left at 8:30 to make our way to Twickenham in London for a day of rugby. Ian's younger brother is in the Army and was playing at Twickenham for the first time. With us all being rugby nuts this was obviously a huge deal for us. Sadly the Under 21 Combined services lost, but Rob did score and try. Which made eveything worth while.

Anything to report from your week?

 Part 3 of Estee's Spring Trilogy, Food had me drooling. Her and Aslan made one of the nicest plates of food I've ever seen and It's now on my list of things I must consume. 

Lilly has intrgued me with her post all about Fig Scents . Having never been a fan of Fig's I now want to sniff anything fig scented that I possibly can get my hands of. Her list gives me a good starting point.

With summer on it's way (eventually) I look forward to the joy of makeup melting of my face. Lovely image for you there. I have Normal skin with an Oily T-Zone, so struggle a little with looking oily through out the day. Which has lead me to do some research on ways to combat this, resulting in Urban Decays De-Slick Oil Control Setting Spray. This gets a lot of love in the beauty world and I'm hoping to add this to my routine and avoid that sexy melty look.

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