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Following Friday

I've moved! Yes, no one died, we did it all in two days. There have been posts as there has been no internet. Do you realize how much you rely on the internet - a huge amount.
Anyway, here is another Following Friday.

LLYMLRS - Blog | Other Blog

You will mostly likley have all heard of this blog, well you bloody well should have! She is as cute as a button. Her fashion sense is bang on for my taste, her outfits tend to be simple but work well and look on point. When reading her blog I feel I'm sat down having a actual conversation with one of my friends over a Starbucks (stalker alert!). Either of her blogs will offer you something, do subscribe.

Pixi2woo - Youtube | Blog

Really? Do I actually need to explain anything here? No, good. Well go on. One word; Perfect.

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