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Sunday Round-Up

Well Hello 50 followers! Where did you all come from, are you finding your stay pleasurable? I do hope so. Please address all complaints to management.

This week has been busy! Unpacking may now have become my least favorite activity ever. TBH if I had packed better in the first place I may have made my life a tad easier for myself. However in the course of this I have found I love decorating my little house. Granted I have to work around the existing carpets, colors and rooms but we have still been able to put our own little stamp on the place.

My boyfriend had to hold me back as I raced around Ikea popping everything I saw into the trolly (read giant yellow bags). When I get into Ikea I tend to believe I've won the lottery and have an unlimited budget, which sadly I don't! I still no where near done on my quest to make everything perfect. You shall come along on the journey with me.

Do you love Ikea as much as me? Or even more so? Impossible.

Another of my loves in life in ebay. This week I've picked out a few things.

1. I've been lemming after some more Inglot eyeshadows since I received some in a swap a few weeks ago. As I live no where near the UK store and you cannot order from their website it's rather hard to snap them up. However someone from Mac_cosmetics pointed me in the direct of a seller on ebay based in Poland. I cannot remember the exact math but I knew it works out cheaper to buy them through this seller. Can be found here.
2 & 4. Honestly I still cannot believe I don't own this polish somewhere in my epic nail polish collection. Orly rage is the most perfect rose gold color and it everywhere! I picked it up from this seller. This is also where I where also chose Essie Nice is Nice. From swatches this seems like the most perfect lilac. Expect a NOTD featuring this soon.
3. Lily featured these on her blog yesterday I think. Her lashes always look so perfect, so for 99p I didn't think I could really go wrong with these.
5. When the Artsy Ring by YSL everyone wanted one, some still do (Hint: Me). I just can't justify spend over £ 100 on it. But it's over the top, tacky and everything I look for in a ring. There are a number of different knock of floating around ebay, but I picked mine from this seller. 
6. These beauts are clearly a knock of the Zoe Black Boots by Sam Edelman. But I just don't care. I feel I own enough designer goods to warrant not always buying the real deal. And at £26 who can say no?! Grab them here.

Any one else have a fun week of unpacking, or shopping?

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