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Jealousy Wakes

Good Lord, how fat and ugly does my hand/wrist look in this?! Eugh, please ignore.

If you're as much of as make-up junkie like me you will have undoubtedly have heard  of the Beauty Blogger collection released exclusively in America.It was created by the very lovely and knowledgeable Christine from Temptalia. There is a post you can find here all about who she, and a number of other bloggers created their products.
Luckily I was able to asked one of my American makeup junkie friend to pick this up for me, If you don't have one of these, get one, now! It is such a pretty color in the pan and on the skin. It's very pigmented, however I don't think it's quite as pigmented as a normal Veluxe Pearl, and maybe a little more chalky. It's a deep teal/green with a hint emerald and sliver shimmer, and a gold glitter. When blended out the shimmer and sparkle fade's slightly and you are left with a certain blue green color.
While I don't own many greens, I do not think they suite my skin tone at all, I think it makes it look like I have terrible skin! But I'm pleased I own this. I wear a natural eye and smudge this along the botton lashline for a perfect pop of color.
I would suggest If you can find this (for a reasonable price that is!) pick it up!

On another note, sadly I'am feeling no better. Sad face. Which has put me in a wonderful mood as I also have to work and write essays, and I should most probably clean the house! However seeing that I now have 69 followers and put me in a slight better mood! 69 people (kinda) care what I have to say and show, well shocking! I'm planning on a giveaway when I hit 100 followers. I most likely involve MAC lipsticks and eyeshadow! 

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