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My bank balance likes me less.

A few bit's of make-up i've picked up recently, when I say few I'm being kind to my self. I went a littlover board on MAC.
Most of what I picked out is from the MAC Semi Precisous collection and a few from the Fashion Flower collection. And lastly there are three things from blog sales.

MAC Lark About Pigment | Bobbie Brown Gel Liner
These are the two bits I picked up from a blog sale, I can't remember which one. However it was most likely from mac_cosmetics. I'm always after pigments for collection purposes and I've seen this color used recently and it's very pretty. I just swep this all over the lid and go for a thick black flick eyeliner look. As you can see from the swatch below it a light pearlecent blue/sliver. Next is the Bobbie Brown Eyeliner that I've seen everyone using. I tried MAC's fluidline before and really did not like it, I just could not get the hang of it, I was a liquid only girl. However for some reason I picked the Maybelline gel liner up the other a few weeks back and have been loving it. I picked the above up as everyone raves about it, and it was dirt cheap.

I love Sleek. The beauty community is awash with this brand -with it seems- nothing but good things to say. I can only add to this positive feedback. It has a perfect mix of colors. I really love Celebrate (dark simmery purple) and Boxed (matte mid toned brown). I got mine from Superdrug for £6.49.
First bits from my slightly naughty MAC purchases. Both are from the Fashion Flower collection that came out a few weeks ago.The Ever Hip lipstick that I missed out on the first go around, last summer some time? And Bows & Curtseys eyeshadow. Which I love! It's a deep blackened green, so is more interesting than just a black.

I'll post the second half a little later one, there was far too much text and images one page. I nearly had a seizure. Also, sorry there was a lack of Following Friday yesterday. I have a very busy day, and I'm still feeling rather crap. So I'm going to move this feature to every other Friday and add something else in it's place.
I've got the 100 followers give away sorted, I know what I'm giving you guys! 28 more people to go!

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