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In the Red.

As promised here is the second half my bank torturing haul. These bit's and bobs are all from the Semi Precious collections. I wish I had picked some of the eye shadows up now, namely Smoked Ruby. But I'll just wait for them to pop up in some sales, mucho cheaper that way.

This collection came out with four new Mineralized Skin finishes. Now, these are one of those products that I think I love, and buy ALOT of. But then I never use them, I'm not even sure why. I think they sometimes are too shimmer/glitterly for my likeing and make my pore look like the could house a small family. Anyway, all the MSF are called Semi Precious something. The one I picked out, having seen watches online, it seemed to be the only one that wasn'y packed with glitter and blindly light. It's called Semi Precious Rose Quatrz, and I sorta like it. As you can see from the swatches below the outta ring is loverly, however mixed with the inner light glitter it just becomes far too much. I'm gonna try a play with it a little more and see what I can do.
Secondly I picked up the Glem of Roses lipstick. I picked this up on recommendation of Temptailia. It's not really like anything I own, and is very pretty. It's much more pink than it appears in the swatches below. I wear it with a light pink gloss atop. It's been one of my lip looks recently. If you get the chance, pick on up.
Lipstick - Glem of Roses | MSF Rose Quartz - Outside - Inner | Above Rose Quartz Mixed
Now, I had no reason to pick these up what so ever. I have enough brushes to last me a life time, even if half of them fell apart.  But I'm just drawn to make-up brushes, they make such a difference to the applications. Some people will say they don't I however think they do. These brushes are totally different to anything I own, they are Split Fiber. Meaning one half is natural hair (the solid black) and the other half is synthetic (lighter half). I haven't atucally used these yet, so I can't really comment. But if you would like a review at some point give us a shout. 

And now, just because it looks stunning when photographed some make-up porn starring Semi Precious Rose Quatrz. 

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