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Style Crush: Vanessa Hudgens

I'd like to apologizes for not posting a lot over the past couple of days. A long weekend was taking with the girls in Cardiff and I've only just returned home. Hope your weekend was also filled with Wine, laughter, junk food and PJs!

While I have this as a note on the side of my page I want to make it a post 'thing' as well. I don't get to describe why I love particular style. And Ill only become annoyed when there are thirty pictures clogging up my side notes making me all uncomfortable.

Vanessa Hudgens . . . How do I begin to explain Vanessa Hudgens ?

I love Vanessa, I really do. Since seeing her in High School Musical I've developed a girl crush of epic proptions. She may be my longest running crush, 5 years is it now? I'd give any of my appendages for her style and looks. 

If by some kind of incredible circumstance you do not know who Vanessa is I'll give you a quick run down. She's American and is described as and Actress and Singer (although I wish to add 'fashionesta' to the list). I must make a confession and say I have brought clothes and accessories to match something I have seen her in, or created an outfit around an outfit. Everything I see her in seems so efortless, she is somehow capable of making sweat pants and winged hats look good. 

Now, so people will have nothing but rude and bad things to say about Vanessa. They are wrong, I've spent a sad amount of time arguing with people and her. Naked photos. Shock and horror!

I loved seeing in Sucker Punch, growing from dancing in frilly dresses to something altogether more grown up and sexy. This evolution has also spread into her style, it's matured recently. There is very little that she wear that I would not approach. Overall take from this that Vanessa is perfect and I love her. 

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