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What I want in my waldrobe Wednesday

Cross Drop Earrings | ABLAZE Super High Wedge | Kitson Heart & Charm Bracelet 
Crosses make up a large section of my jewellery stash, as they do with a lot of people recently. They seem timeless. I've no idea why I love them so much, they just seem to work with anything I wear them with. I do however draw the line at wearing rosaries. Just no. When I wear my hair up, which is not very offten I like to wear big earrings to offset my giant face/head. The length of these is really fun, owning nothing like these I know really want them. Don't laugh, I kinda did the first time I saw these and I think that's why I want them. They are just so ridiculous, way to high. I also think my great-gran had curtains with the same pattern. Watching TheCurretBobbies is not good for my health. Having seen Lorein wearing the Chan Luu wrap bracelets I've been lusting after one. Sadly I can't warrant spending that much money on a mainly fabric bracelet, so I'll settle for this look-a-like. Eurgh settle for, how first world of me!

New Look
Parisian Belted Lace Dress | 3 Colour Block Shift Dress | Floral Cowl Belted Tunic | Sparkle Belted Tunic | Aztec Teardrop Earrings
New Look will always hold a place in my heart, I don't think I've ever been in and not bought something! It's my go to shop if I need a particular outfit. Anyway, enough praise. First, these types of dress have always been around and I've just never been that interested. Wearing cardigans almost constantly, come rain or shine means long sleeved dresses pose a problem. This may be the first sleeveless dress in this style I've seen. Color isn't my 'thang. However I really like the color blocking 'trend', and I think the second dress will work without me looking like pixie sticks. I've always been a floral fan, dress, shoes, bags, anything. And this was just another dress that caught my eye. I loved this dress the moment I saw it, it reminds of 90's school discos. No idea why. I most likely layer this with some kind of sheer shirt or long jacket.

River Island
Brown Print Chain Slipper Shoes | Light Brown Faux Fur Coat | Black Agate Stone Ring | Black Overszied Feather Bag
Grey Drape Front Blouse | Pleated Neck Dress | Grey Floral Print Snood
I was disappointed with how little I wanted from Topshop, normally I find around 10 things I believe I need. But alas, better for my bank balance. The blouse is the most amazing colours, that slight dirty purple grey. Well I hope it is actually that colour compared to just a plain grey. The shape of it is really intresting and unusal, it'd probaby layer is with the Sparkley Tunic from New Look above. Wine colours are everywhere for Autum/Winter and this is one of my favourite dress so far. I'm always a fan of layer sheer materials, to be honest I just low layers! The tan belt really pulls the whole thing together. Pastal colours are a staple in my waldrobe, but I don't actually have many iteams of clothing in this color range. I feel they make me look larger. However I own many shoes, bags and scarvles in a range of pastals. So this snood would fit in perfectly!

What are you lusting after this Wednesday, or this week for that matter?

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